Do you want to hook any audience from the stage?

Hi there. I’m Jossif and in this quick video, we’ll talk about how you can hook any audience from the stage.

What I’m going to teach you here is something you can use in different environments where the audiences are very different from each other. They can be more professional or let’s say more creative, non-professional as well, and it still works.

1. Publick Speaking Tip: Start With A Prop

The tip #1 is to start with the prop. And anything that is a physical object will help you captivate the attention of the audience and it is something you can use both there and later on in your presentation.

One thing that I remember, a few years ago when I did a group presentation for about 30 minutes to an audience well over 100 people of students. In the early lines of our speech or of our presentation we talked a little bit about an ax. And what we did is we had a physical real ax right in front of them, which is something unique, something very different from what they have seen before.

And not only did we use the ax in the beginning, but also at the end or middle of the presentation and that helped us to relate more with the audience and helped us, or it helped them to follow along with what we were saying.


2. Public Speaking Tip: Interact With The Audience

The tip #2 is audience interaction. This is something that you want to do as early on as possible, to interact with the audience.

You’ll probably see this a lot where speakers are asking the audience to raise their hands if they’ve done something or by show of hands, how many of you have seen this or read about this.

This is very important, especially if you want the audience to move along with you. And if you want them to respond to you later on in the interaction and listen to you throughout the message that you want to share with them.


So, two tips.

Start with a prop, any physical object will do.

And then audience interaction. Something that you want to do as early on as possible.

I will show a clip of Mohammed. A few years ago, he won the Toastmaster, he became the Toastmaster champion and you can see in the very first seconds of his presentation, how he’s doing both of these things. He is using a prop and he interacts with the audience. Here’s the clip.

This clip is at the end of the video above, so make sure you watch all the way through.

Thank you so much for watching. I’m Jossif. I hope you enjoyed this.

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