Do you want to become a more reliable and powerful speaker?

It’s Jossif here and in this video I will share three tips with you on how you can be a more reliable and powerful speaker.

1. Public Speaking Tip: Speak Slower

Many of us are walking up on stage and we’re speaking super fast. Nobody barely understands what we are saying and that’s because we are nervous. We are anxious about being on stage.

The end goal that we have in mind is to walk off the stage successfully without anyone laughing at us. That makes us staying up in our head, thinking about what we want to say, what message we want to share, making sure that we have everything step by step, but that only means that we will speak super fast.

People will lose attention. They won’t understand everything we are saying. You won’t have the powerful impact that you really want.


2. Public Speaking Tip: Include Strategic Pauses

Imagine pausing for two or three seconds. That’s really good. Some people in the audience might think that you have lost your words. You don’t know where you really are. But for some, it might work.

Imagine pausing for five to six seconds instead. Now, even the ones watching on their phone will snatch out of it and pay attention to what you’re doing because that’s something different. They’re not used to that.


3. Public Speaking Tip: Body Language

Everything we’re saying is aligned with how we are moving. Every move we make, how we are moving our hands, our head, our body, that is aligned with the message we want to share.

For example, when you’re speaking really fast or you’re telling a story, you’re very intense. You want to show that with your body language as well. You want your body language to be aligned with what you are saying.

The same goes when you’re speaking slowly. Maybe you’re talking about something different and you don’t want to show the same intense as when telling a story, so just tone it down instead. This is why it’s really good to record yourself and see how you perform. What does your body language say?

Because some things that we are doing with our body, how we are moving, we don’t know about that. We have small ticks, maybe holding your hands like this, or put them in your pocket, or behind your back, that shows weakness, especially when it’s not aligned with your message.

So, make sure. Record yourself. Go through that and see how you can improve your body language.


The first tip was speak slower. The second one is include strategic pauses. And the third one is pay attention to your body language.

I’m Jossif. Thank you for watching, and reading.

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