Are you a business owner that barely going through with your money?

Do you struggle with your business?

Mike has founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies, then became an angel investor and lost everything.

He started all over again with great success, so let’s say he knows a lot of what mindset you should have to succeed as a business owner.

He is the author of the book Profit First.

This Is What You’ll Discover In This Episode

  • How you should think of Profit
  • The biggest mistake people do with profit

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More About This Show

Box Of Inspirations Show is a podcast that will help YOU (The Entrepreneur, The Solopreneur, The Small Business Owner or The Box Of Inspirations ShowDreamer). It features successful people and entrepreneurs that will bring their BEST, and I mean their BEST, advice just for you! As one of the guests said it, skip the whole 40 minutes interview and go right to the biggest take away.

Do we challenge the status Quo? Damn right we do! Our episodes are around 5 minutes.

The show format is a podcast (only audio).

In this episode of Box Of Inspirations Show, we have the honor to have Mike Michalowicz on the show.

Next Step

This is a different way to think of profit, but according to me it’s the right way.

Do you have a fellow entrepreneur struggling with their business, feel free to share this episode with them that can change their mindset.


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