In this episode, Marie and I are talking about online courses and about her virtual summit, the Teach And Profit Summit.

Marie Grace Berg is a well-known connector of people and influencers. She got her start in business through podcasting where she interviews experts in various niches. Her greatest passion is bringing in experts together to share their message in a much bigger way and serve more people.

One of her latest project is called the Teach and Profit Summit, where she brought in 50+ New Breed Of Entrepreneurs And Reveal Their Secrets On How You Can Create FREEDOM, WEALTH And IMPACT By Sharing And Packaging Your Passion And Expertise Into Online Courses.

Some questions I ask:

  • So, you are hosting your new virtual summit, called Teach and Profit Summit, which will be all about creating, promoting, and profiting from online courses. But first, tell us what you’ve noticed being a common mistake people make when creating an online course?
  • We both have experience in creating virtual summit and you can kind of look at them as online courses, are you doing anything different when it comes to promoting this summit in comparison with your first one?
  • So tell us about your Teach and Profit Summit, what is it about and who is it for?
  • What is the journey you’ll take them through, and how would you recommend them to consume the content?
  • If you could pick only one key takeaway from your summit, what would that be?
  • Ok, so it’s time for my favorite part, The Unexpected Three, where I will ask you three random questions. Are you ready?
    • What is one of your favorite tools or resources right now, that you are using?
    • Is there one thing, something specific, that you do every day to get yourself in the right mindset?
    • Take us back to the day you decided to go your own way, with the experience and knowledge that you have today, what one advice would you give yourself back then?

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