In this episode, Christina and I are talking about Facebook ads and how to retarget your audience.

Christina Jones is on a mission to get businesses more leads, customers & sales with her ACES marketing system.

Based in the UK but working with clients in 3 continents, she heads up Blacktype Digital, a full service digital agency as well as the Digital Aces Academy, providing affordable training, support & advice for small business owners.

Some questions I ask:

  • Tell us real quick what retargeting is and why it works so good.
  • It usually goes a lot of testing to have well converting facebook ads, but how can we target our Facebook Ads and optimize the audience to get better results?
  • Let’s talk a little bit about creating the perfect Facebook Ad and what goes into that when it comes to design and copy.
  • Before we hit the last part of this interview, share the best way people can find you online to connect more with you.
  • Ok, so it’s time for my favorite part, The Unexpected Three, where I will ask you three random questions. Are you ready?
    • What is one of your favorite resources or online tools right now, that you are using?
    • What is your favorite business book?
    • What is ONE tip or ONE action step you would give to the listeners when it comes to Facebook Ads?

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