In this episode, Charlotte and I are talking about generating leads, mistakes to avoid, and how to convert them into loyal customers.

Charlotte is helping business owners and sales professionals to convert cold conversations into sales and loyal customers.

She has over 20 years of experience and is specializing in different forms of Lead Generation and she is also a speaker.

Some questions I ask:

  • Generating hot leads is something we all try to do, but do you see a common mistake people make? Can you see a pattern from the business owners you help?
  • You are focusing more on converting telephone conversations, how important is it to have a good script and what goes into one?
  • Can you see patterns on converting through the phone and converting through email or social media?
  • What steps do you usually want your leads to take in order to convert them into loyal clients?
  • Ok, so it’s time for my favorite part, The Unexpected Three, where I will ask you three random questions. Are you ready?
    • Converting cold leads through telephone or social media?
    • What is one of your favorite resources or online tools right now, that you are using?
    • Take us back to the day you decided to go your own way, with the experience and knowledge that you have today, what one advice would you give yourself back then?

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