In this episode, Tyler Basu and I are talking about podcasting and all there is to know when it comes to finding guests, preparing the interviews, and more.

Tyler is the Content Manager at Thinkific, a software platform that makes it easy to create and sell online courses.

He’s also a podcast host and the Publisher of Lifestyle Business Magazine, an online magazine that features helpful articles and interviews with lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Some questions I ask:

  • If you were about to convince someone why they should start a podcast, or a video podcast as both you and I are doing, what would you tell them?
  • Obviously you want to find guests that are a good match with your listeners, how do you go about finding new guests?
  • How do you reach out to them, and how much research have you done before reaching out?
  • I always do research and prepare some questions for the interview that I sometimes send out to the guests beforehand if they’d like to prepare a bit, how do you prepare yourself and the guests for what’s to come?
  • Do you set time apart for pre-talk before you start the actual interview?
  • Do you have a routine or something you always want to cover in the pre-talk?
  • Ok, so it’s time for my favorite part, The Unexpected Three, where I will ask you three random questions. Are you ready?
    • What is one of your favorite resources or online tools right now, that you are using?
    • What’s ONE thing you’d recommend that any podcast guest should have in place or know about?
    • What is ONE advice you’d give to someone thinking about starting a podcast?

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