This is the first part of two of the guest post series from Jeff Halligan sharing about how to get freedom and making an impact with your business.

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Getting freedom and momentum with your business.

The first step to freedom

Freedom– Think about this word for a moment, it’s really what it is all about right?

Freedom from the 9-5, the freedom to experience the things you want in your life, the freedom to earn the money you want and do it in a way that feels right. Not going through the motions doing some lame, meaningless chore for someone who wants to spend their life doing what they want, and is willing to give you less than they feel the task is worth to them and their business to deal with it.

But just having freedom, if not done properly, can be less than ideal?

I mean not having a “job” is one thing, but if you don’t have an income , well then it is not much different than not having a job.

So how do you make that transition? From having to get up stupid early, to rush around , spill your coffee (a cardinal sin btw), only to sit in traffic for what feels like eternity – just to sit their miserable waiting to turn around and sit in the same traffic to go home so you can miss your favorite show because you have to do it all over again – to having the kind of life you want?

You come up with a plan!

Before I get into how you start to devise your plan, let me ask you something…

Why (other than you need the paycheck) are you at the job you are at?

If your answer is anything less than that you love what you do, that is gives you a sense of fulfillment and purpose. And that it enables you to do something meaningful that contributes to the improvement of other peoples lives or experiences – then why are you still doing it?

Now I am not saying to run out tomorrow and tell your boss what you think, or to go play grab ass with that hot blonde you have had your eye on (and this counts for both genders!). You don’t want to be stupid about it. At least I hope not.

But Do – Take out a calendar and go to exactly 1 year from today. Write in PEN – QUIT MY JOB.

Now put that somewhere you can see it every day. remind yourself. How does it feel?

I know when I did this it made me look forward to it. But it was kinda scary too.

Here I was married, a father of 2 and did not seem to have any luck with the employee line of work anyways, hell if I kept a job for 6 months, I was doing good. So “fast track” wasn’t really in the cards for me. (people with the entrepreneur bug make shitty employees btw)

So to make a statement like this was scary as hell. But there was also some power to it. See I was taking control of part of my life that until then, I felt was at least in part at the whim of others.

I never felt like I was really part of the group or team at my jobs. It was always a feeling of being the outsider. So this was seriously empowering for me.

Well, as fate would have it, I actually ended up no longer with that job about 3 months early.

Now, it would have been fine – if I had done what I am going to share with you here. But I did not learn the things I have learned without some hard lessons.

Start Now- After committing to quitting your job in exactly one year, the clock starts ticking.

So figure out what would give you the right answers above. Ask yourself, If I could do anything I wanted, and get paid well for it- what would I choose?

Start a Blog – I actually wasn’t going to include this here, but I think it is too important to leave out of this. For $20 or less you can actually start blogging and start sharing thoughts, ideas, advice, etc.. on the thing you want to turn into a business.

Here is what I have all my clients do (these people pay over $2000 a month for this stuff)

Go to domains(dot)com, get a domain , just get one that ends in .com next get some cheap hosting (Bluehost, Hostable or whomever you choose) make sure they are WordPress friendly. I would suggest avoiding Hostgator or GoDaddy (if you are planning on entering the adult industry, then Hostgator is your best and cheapest bet). Go to, download WordPress.

Your hosting company should be able to help you install it if you do not know how to upload via ftp. Find a theme you like. There are literally thousands of free and premium ones so this should not be ‘impossible’.

Write at least 1 post a week. If you can write more, do. But commit to 1 a week.

Keep them all within the realm of the business idea.

Congratulations, you have gone from wishing you could do your own thing, to taking the first real step in making it happen. That is more than over 80% of the people who hate their jobs ever do!

In the next part, I am going to teach you how to generate maximum impact so you will be able to quit that shitty job and not lose your shirt doing it!

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