This is the last part of two of the guest post series from Jeff Halligan sharing about how to get freedom and making an impact with your business.

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So I find myself with a strange dilemma as I sit here getting ready to share this incredible information. Now, that is not to say that I am going to have something immensely profound to share on the topic or even something you have not heard before.

But that the idea itself, that the principle of creating a business where you not only do work you love, but that you have the opportunity to improve the lives of others. You can take your message, your ideas, your advice, your experiences. And use them to transform the lives of others, and the world itself.

Making an Impact is about making a difference. It is about stepping out of line. about drawing a line in the sand and saying to the world, “either you are with me… or you’re not!” and the ones who come to your side of the line, these are the people you can make an Impact with. These are the people who’s lives you can change.

If all you want to do is to own a business that participates in the “me too” marketplace, or want to enter the race to the rock bottom pricing. Lowering quality, reducing overhead, and dropping the cost in order to hope that your reduction in profit is replaced by the increase in sales.

What happens if you win this race – you get to the very bottom faster than anyone else… Who wants to be at the bottom though?

Working harder to find ways to make even less income, and become less valuable to the consumers. But, if you have the flame inside you that demands more…

If you are driven to be something more than average, something other than mediocre. Then you can make an Impact!

So who the hell am I to write something telling you that doing what you’re told, going with the flow of traffic, or just being another one in the crowd can’t generate an impact, and wont give you a meaningful business?

No one. And That is the point. See, from the time I was very very young, I have always understood that I wanted to do things my own way.

That I did not want to simply accept what others decided for me. That I wanted to challenge the status flow.

But I had no idea how. I fell into the myth and the brainwashing of the employee mindset. But not quite enough. What I mean is this. I was trying to create impact, Trying to make waves, and trying to find a way to matter. But, I was trying to do so as a part of the masses.

It took me much, much to long to figure it out, but I am a shitty employee. In fact, Most passionate, or message driven entrepreneurs, the rebellious, and the renegades never make a great employee. These people can’t play the game and climb the ladder. Sure maybe for 10 -15 years. But at some point, the need to be heard becomes greater than the need to comply. Compliance has NO VALUE. and will never make an impact.

So what does it mean to maximize impact with your work? I am not going to give you the answer to this, because I want to hear the answer from you.

Jeff Halligan – Maximum Impact through meaningful marketing – Coaching and training for entrepreneurs looking to gain maximum impact and momentum in their conversion and marketing funnels.

I have been working with entrepreneurs for the past 20 years to build successful and sustainable 6-7 figure brands online in a more meaningful way. An Amazon Best selling author. I have a free video series out to help you identify your niche market (aka Ideal customer) that you can get by going to By signing up for the free video series, you will also be notified how you can get my new book “maximum impact” that is going to cover several different aspects of marketing specifically for the information industy.

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So, what does it mean to maximize impact with YOUR work?

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