If you are just starting out as a podcaster then you probably want your podcast to be heard (well you always want your podcast to be heard, but the rest of this post is for you who’s just starting out). And not just by your friends and family.

Like me, you spend hours recording, editing, posting, and otherwise supporting your podcast. And you have high hopes it will get noticed.

But, truth be told, most of the time it just doesn’t get noticed. When I started podcasting, I was lucky that my friends downloaded what I had put so much hard work into. I could only dream about being featured in the News & Noteworthy sections of “Management & Marketing” and “Education” in iTunes.

The question I got from podcasters like you was, how did you manage to hit News & Noteworthy in iTunes? Some of you wanted to see a blog post, a podcast episode or even a paid product on how I got there, and how you can too.

If you had a magic wand and could put your podcast in News & Noteworthy in iTunes, would you?

Well I did, but not with my magic wand.

This was a breakthrough for me and a real pleasure to see my podcast up there alongside Michael Stelzner, Chris Ducker & Pat Flynn, Rick Mulready (which I have interviewed for my podcast) and many other successful entrepreneurs.

This journey wasn’t an easy thing to do. There are a lot of great podcasts and you’re competing with many others but as long as you do good work and put quality content up there, you’ll make it.

How to hit News & Noteworthy in iTunes.

#1 – Have a Plan

I won’t dig into this but if you do have a plan and you do work hard on the plan then people will see that and help you if possible.

I started this podcast as a 5-days a week podcast which is a lot! Many of the guests asked me about this and when I said that I had 30-40 prerecorded episodes they were so impressed by the work I’ve put in that they offered to help me spread the word.

#2 – Have Quality

It doesn’t matter if you do audio only or video recording. Quality is above everything. Have good sound, good lighting, and great content.

#3 – Editing

Either do it yourself or have someone doing it for you. Remove all the bad moments so it feels more professional. This doesn’t mean that you have to remove all the “mistakes”. Show them to the listeners, it feels less robotic and more human, also they’re easy to relate to as well (and pretty funny).

#4 – Quality Intro and Outro

Your intro is your first impression. You have the power here to put your readers in the best possible state of mind and get them ready for what’s to come in your episodes.

Your outro is the smile on their face when they listened to your episode. You can include a CTA (Call-To-Action) in the outro.

I got mine over at Music Radio Creative

#5 – Listen to iTunes

By this I mean that you’ll do exactly what they expect from you. Create visuals according to their standards and set everything up as they recommend you to.

#6 – Launch Your Podcast

When it’s time to launch a recommendation is to launch with three episodes so the first listeners have more than one episode to understand you and your podcast.

#7 – Social Media

Use Social Media and ask your friends and followers to give you an honest rating and review in iTunes. Use Social Media smart and don’t spam people.  A good idea is to start with a few handpicked friends that you can talk to personally and ask for rating and review.

Join communities and groups of likeminded people and ask for feedback, give feedback, and share your success.

Here are two groups on Facebook with great members, group 1 and group 2.

#8 – Personal Email

You can personally email people that you know would be interested in your podcast. If they are an avid podcast listener or using iTunes regularly then that would be easier. Ask them to give it a listen and give you feedback and maybe a rating in iTunes.

#9 – Don’t Focus on Numbers

This is, according to me a big mistake many do. It’s easy to look at podcasters who’s been doing this for a few years and think that you’ll get the same numbers in a few weeks. That takes time and my advice is that you don’t focus on the numbers.

It can be good to know where your listeners are but not more than that, your focus shouldn’t be on the numbers when you are starting out.

#10 – Get Continuity

Probably the most important step of them all. Make sure to keep the quality on top and let the listener know what they will get from you.

5-days a week, twice a month or once a week, it doesn’t matter as long as you put hard work to keep it on top.

*          *          *

The best thing with being in News & Noteworthy is that you get more downloads and more emails from listeners and fellow podcaster wanting to congratulate you. It feels great!

Now that you know what you need to do to put your podcast in News & Noteworthy, please put the magic wand aside and start with creating your plan.

Do you want to see your podcast in News & Noteworthy in iTunes? Let me know in the comments what your plan is.

Having trouble with starting a podcast? Check out Pat Flynn’s amazing post on how to do that.