Want to sell from the stage?

Want to become better at public speaking?

Public speaking isn’t about going up on stage to just wing it, it doesn’t work that way.

Truth is that many of the speakers you’ve seen on stage that really made an impact on you have been practicing and doing this thing for years.

The funny thing is that they say we fear speaking in front of an audience more than death itself, yet so many want to get better at public speaking.

That’s pretty brave if you ask me.

However we need more than that to become good at it…

To have the impact we’d like to have…

To get the standing ovations we deserve to get.

That’s why I’ve created the Speak On Stage Summit.

An online event that doesn’t require you to spend money on tickets for travel, or for a place to stay at.

It doesn’t require you to waste your time and energy on all those things such as traveling in order to get to the event.

Speak On Stage Summit is an online event.

Watch it on your laptop or on your phone.

In this blog post, I will break it down so you’ll understand exactly what Speak On Stage Summit is, if it’s a good fit for you, what you will learn, who are the experts and professional speakers, what is the Speak On Stage Playbook, and everything there is to know.


Let’s go!

What Is Speak On Stage Summit

How to create and deliver your talk on stage.

Speak On Stage Summit is an online event, going on for one week.

The goal of the event is to help entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors, to improve their public speaking skills. To help you have the impact you want and get the standing ovations you deserve.

No matter if you have zero experience or have been on stages and performed, Speak On Stage Summit will help you get better.

If it’s on helping you structure your message, create your talk, add more of your personality into it, having an impact on the audience, or something else depends on you and your needs.

Who Is Speaking at Speak On Stage Summit

We have handpicked our experts and professional speakers that you will be learning from.

That’s the reason why we have limited the amount of speakers we accept. Quality over quantity.

Our experts and professional speakers have been feature in many magazines, blogs, podcasts, stages, etc.

Not limited to but some of theme are: Forbes, EOFIRE, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, CBS, and more.

They have also been on many BIG stages with thousands of people in the audience.

Not only that, but they’ve been so good that they got invited to go back year after year to the events they presented on.

The Speakers

– Kristin Thompson
– Marcus Sheridan
– Eric Termuende
– Katie Karlovitz
– Justin Devonshire
– Jay Allen
– Mark Davis
– Benji Bruce

What Topics Are You Covering on Speak On Stage Summit

How To Create A Message And Use Your Personality To Create And Deliver A Powerful Talk w/ Kristin Thompson

How To Connect With Your Audience And Create A Standing Ovation Worthy Talk In 3 Steps w/ Marcus Sheridan

How To Create a Powerful Message And Get Your First Speaking Gig w/ Eric Termuende

How To Research The Audience And Replace Your Fear With Confidence w/ Katie Karlovitz

How To Use Public Speaking As A Lead Magnet w/ Justin Devonshire

How To Structure And Create Your Talk w/ Jay Allen

How To Use Storeytelling And Have The Audience Holding On To Every Single Word w/ Mark Davis

How To Grab And Keep The Attention With Your Talks w/ Benji Bruce

Some of the things you will learn:

  • The experts top public speaking strategies that are working today
  • How to map out the #1 takeaway from your talk
  • How to grab and keep the attention of the audience
  • How to make your personality shine on stage (no matter who you are)
  • The power of a good opening structure
  • How to rehearse and prepare the day of your talk
  • How to fill the room of your own live event
  • And much, much more!

What Is The Speak On Stage Playbook All About

The Speak On Stage Playbook is my FREE GIFT to you.

It’s your 12 page’s A-Z Roadmap To Creating And Deliver Your Talk On Stage.

This FREE Playbook is based on 5 of the pillars that the speakers shared during the summit.

  1. How to involve and engage the audience in your talk
  2. How to prepare your talk
  3. How to prepare for your talk
  4. How to be present on stage
  5. Storytelling

You also have the A-Z section in it which you’ll be able to easily go back to when needed.

Download the Speak On Stage Playbook

Is Speak On Stage Summit A Good Fit For Me

It is if you want to learn how to create and structure your talk, how to grab and keep the attention of your audience, and how to get the standing ovations you deserve.

It is if you don’t want to waste money on plane tickets and hotels.

It is if you want to improve your presence on stage, by learning from the experts and professional speakers.

Grab your FREE ticket and access to the Speak On Stage Playbook by clicking the image below

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