This a a guest post by no other than Chris Brogan himself.

Chris is an entrepreneur, a publisher, a New York Times bestselling author, professional speaker.

Or as I like to introduce him with one word: Amazing!

I must admit, I like what Chris is doing. A lot.

He’s one of the very few people I know that will deliver full quality and truth in everything he does, in a professional and respectful way.

Well, I’m guessing you want the three part recipe for entrepreneurs so without further ado, Chris Brogan.

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It took me a very long time to call myself an entrepreneur. I didn’t like the title, mostly because the people I knew who used it were mostly people who were unemployable, and not especially successful. But as I’ve done the work, I’ve come to learn that there are three really simple areas you can focus on that will grow your chances for success.


This is the same advice I’ve been giving since people started asking my advice. But I don’t mean “help people who can help you” and I don’t mean “help people by selling them your junk.” I mean help people. Jossif asked me for this article and there’s no benefit to me doing it, except getting to know you. But it’s time out of my day. Why am I doing it? Because Jossif asked and he’s part of the community I serve. Be helpful.


The only reason anyone knows my name is because I did a lot of groundwork to create a lot of media in a lot of places and with all kinds of effort focused on getting helpful information into a lot of hands. I flew to lots of events. I paid to attend many experiences that were above my level. And I got my story out everywhere. I’m quoted dozens of times a week without looking for it. Why? Because helpful+everywhere is a pretty good way to seem like the authority.


Be committed to the success of the community you serve and you will always eat. If you do the work and reach out and connect with great people and do something of value for them, that’s business. A strong entrepreneur will do this repeatedly all the time. All those images of you on the beach enjoying your millions aren’t real. Even Branson, one of the best in the game, who owns his own fricken island, is using that island to connect really important people to their goals. Every day.

That’s the recipe. Be helpful. Be everywhere. Be committed.

If you shoot for this, you’ll have a great chance of winning.

— Chris Brogan is publisher of Owner Magazine and the author of the forthcoming book, Belong: A Framework for Embracing Community, Driving the Economy and Building the Future.

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